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  • Age of Aquarius: LOVE (Potion) will steer the stars! In astrological time, it took many many moons indeed to bring forth this heralded epoch: the advent of a New Age of enlightenment, expansion of consciousness, and overall cosmic understanding, and we pay homage to this famed cultural period with a Peace, Love and Hippy-ness unisex fragrance... exotic earthy patchouli and amber layered with dense vanilla absolute and vanilla bean, herbal accents of cannabis, purple desert sage and camellia blossoms, topped with a spicy shot of clove bud EO. Grooooovy, baby!

  • Bad Girl w/ Leather: As a partner-in-crime to one of our most popular masculine scents, we’ve decided to let the girls also have a be so very Bad! This is a thrillingly wicked and wild fragrance for your inner wanton woman, a salacious blend of "dirty” honeys and boozy vanilla extract get crazy with vanilla and vanilla bean, sweet sandalwood, suede leather, vanilla-flavored tobacco and a spicy dash of black pepper. And what more perfect pheromone pairing for this than our LEATHER blend - a variation on our Dominance Pheromone Blend for Women, made "softer" with the addition of the precious "ultra-feminizing" pheromone, Estratetraenol. Still clearly "alpha" in signature, but they'll be no mistaking you're all girl underneath the dominant exterior. Get your motor running, you’re a Bad Girl and you know it!

  • Black Star Lavender: The fabulous and fancy delights of deeply ornate lavender, crowned with black licorice root and star anise, layered with soft accents of amber, airy black tea and gentle rain accord. Discover the passionately creative iconoclast within yourself, and let it reign.

  • Crayons: Burnt Umber: A rich deep tone the result of which can only be obtained with fire - heating raw umber until it oxidizes - we've created a fragranced interpretation suitable for both men and women to enjoy…the resinous aura of a blend of ambers, nag champa and exotic majmua melded with smoky Arabian wood attars and intriguing earth accords.

  • Ivory Cats: Closer w/ Copulins: A recipe for intimacy: the sexy, can't-miss combo of Indian black amber and musk with an erotic overlay of edible sensual vanilla and irresistible leather made sleazy with three types of honey and hints of pear and ginger plus a lust-inducing dose of Essence of Women Copulins.

  • Ivory Cats: Dianthus: This bold unisex spiced floral blend is perfect for when you’re ready to turn up the heat...a heart of peppery carnation blended with roasted black tea leaves, dusted with cardamom and powdered sugar, and layered upon smooth vanilla and sweet sandalwood.  Fans of our Pashazade scent will be equally enthralled by Dianthus!

  • Ivory Cats: Musk du Mog: Because one needs just the right accessory to go on the prowl, we’ve blended numerous varieties of sexy animalic musks from all over the world with a trio of exotic amber attars, and thick smooth sweet sandalwood topped with a single drop of Egyptian Rose Geranium. A lighter but still lasciviously lustful version of our enduringly desirable Cat’s Eye fragrance.

  • Liquid Shadow: Cloak yourself in our unisex scented shadow, a slinky shade which moves about in the night, becoming one with the darkness and all its’ delights...a fragrance reminiscent of the most deeply exquisite coffee incense: potently brewed black coffee and espresso blended with black vanilla and dark chocolate, mingling with the exotic fumes of nag champa and kush resin, deepened with lavish patchouli and oud.

  • Medium 2016: A revisiting of our potently popular divination potion - discover your destiny and your innate intuition, encourage the expansion of your subconscious. With all the ingredients known for promoting psychic ability, this version is incense-like and dark as a scrying mirror with thick aged patchouli, dragon’s blood, African frankincense & myrrh, oud from India and Arabia, layered with exotic black musk.

  • Petals of Silk w/ La Femme Noire: Romance is in the air...courtesy of this elegant fragrance which feels luxurious like the caress of the finest silk: heady voluptuous tuberose entwined with sweet perfume-y blackberry and musky desert sage. Such a beautifully feminine perfume demands the alluring addition of our exclusive LA FEMME NOIRE pheromone blend, an "after hours" version of La Femme Mystere...all of the original seductive charms *intensified*. What man could resist the mystique, the sex appeal, the magic of the womanly cues of she who dons this most potent potion? She who leaves them spellbound and begging for more!

  • Sand Box: The scent of antiquity discovered - ancient Egypt unearthed...a heady mix of Egyptian musks and ornate resins with a touch of immortal fig, light and dark ambers, and finished with a dry exotic whisper of sandy earth and cassia essential oil. Has a forbidden, mysterious aura that both women and men will love to wear.

  • Smooth Operator w/ Heart Throb for Men: You’re the most from coast to coast! You know who you want to be...the one who makes an entrance and all heads turn to check you out, as you glide along leaving heartbreak in your wake. Guys, you need this to achieve an aura of assurance: a coffee musk which is smooth and sultry but not sweet...just SEXY. A bracing shot of fresh-brewed espresso blended with several varieties of musk, smokey resins, and accents of cedar and myrrh - a scent this alluring deserves an equally enticing pheromone blend, so get ready to work the room with the assistance of our HEART THROB formula. An Alpha-Sexual-Social mix for men that has really only one purpose in mind: to help get the wearer laid. With mood elevating, sex appeal and self confidence boosting qualities and ingredients for shining the light of attention your way, this blend exudes charismatic friendliness, but just enough hint of brooding bad boy to bring the girls to their knees. As a social mix around other men, it should encourage camaraderie (rather than confrontation), and make you welcome as one of the guys...or, maybe even the leader of the pack.

  • Spell 2015: Blessing Oil: May whomever be anointed with this oil experience this blessing as a circle of love and light wrapped around them, to protect, heal and strengthen.

  • Tails of Mystery: Come journey into the mystic with this sensuous dark resin fragrance: a base of numerous types of amber, patchouli and oud with touches of sandalwood and dragon’s blood is blended with the luxury of Indian Majmua, three types of vanilla and vanilla cream, and a tantalizing trail of Arabian spices, including nutmeg and Zanzibar clove.

  • Xavier w/ Super Sexy for Men: Fans of our perennially-popular Pashazade scent will thrill to experience the lavishly exotic fragrance of Xavier...spicy, smoky but also bracingly clean, reminiscent of a Turkish-style luxury shaving soap. This blend of Darjeeling tea leaf oil from India and Tassi Lavender oil upon a base of smooth Indonesian teak will render you positively irresistible! And to ensure you will light up the room we’ve included a dose of our exclusive SUPER SEXY FOR MEN pheromone formula, designed to inspire sexual arousal and admiration in women, and give off a powerful aura of social dominance for the wearer. Our most popular phero blend for men!

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