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  • Love Potion®: Frais Citron: A truly scrumptious variant reminiscent of a summertime favorite: a blend of buttery vanilla, rich amber and patchouli swirled with maple and topped with numerous types of sweet strawberry and tangy lemon. Mara raves about this one: "…while the tangy fruit is bright in the beginning, after long dry down, you are left with almost a perfect original LP scent!"

  • Love Potion®: Summer 2016: Feel the LOVE this summer, with this year's Summer Variant which is based upon a local lusciously delicious dessert that was shared between some (equally luscious and delicious) LP forum friends, here In Vancouver, WA. It was the closest thing to a Love Potion Perfume I’ve ever tasted, so I made it into a totally scrumptious Love Potion variant for Summer slathering!

  • Love Potion®: Summer Solstice 2015: Brewed and blessed on the Summer Solstice, this Limited Edition variant features our signature Love Potion base of vintage patchouli and amber with a sheer sweet vanilla and a sunny dash of apricot, then imbued with Summer sparkle in the form of lusciously ripe pineapple and a fresh dash of freesia. Perfect for hot days and sultry nights, this gorgeous fragrance will turn heads and grant you the bounty - as it is created to do - of LOVE!

  • Atlantic Shore: The beach is not just “the beach” - each locale is different, with its' own distinct personality and scents on the air. With this potion, we have sought to evoke the aura of the Eastern Seaboard...of Cape Cod and the cold salty Atlantic...manifested via this combination of lettuce leaf and bladderwrack, olive blossom and green coconut, upon a smooth base of dry vanilla topped with just a drop of sweet-tangy guavaberry. Spa-like, fresh and bracing, both women and men will enjoy taking an olfactory stroll upon our Atlantic Shore...

  • Butterfly Bloom: A bloom which best signals the transition from Spring to Summer is the beautifully exotic plumeria, wonderfully fragrant and an attractor of our delicately-winged friends the butterflies who cannot resist the flower’s fruity scent and velvety petals. We’ve blended five types of plumeria blossom with smooth dry sandalwood, for a sandy tropical aura, and included a sprinkle of berry sugar for that special Summer sunniness.

  • Cotton Candy Peach: For our beloved customers who are always thinking pink - we’ve got more of what you love! In this case it’s a fresh and juicy pink peach scent sure to get you in the swing of Spring...flowery and tangy varieties of peach sweetened with three types of spun sugar accord, deepened with a base of storax and vanilla bean...mmm so fabulously peachy you’ll want to slather madly!

  • Crayons: Cerulean Blue: An idealized fantasy of the perfect blue of sea and sky....and this perfume contains elements of each: watery notes, airy notes, and little familiar touches of blue. Fans of our Mermaids of Atlantis scent will want to dive right into Cerulean Blue! Cooling cucumber, avocado and maile leaf with floral accents of gardenia and plumeria, a touch of aquatic bladderwrack and a fruity topping of blueberry and black currant.

  • Dance With Desire: An alluring signature of the sophistication of tuberose coupled with smooth Egyptian musk and powdery vanilla, slathered on a luxurious bed of cocoa butter…delicate decorum can lead to salivating lust, it all depends on the steps you take when you dance with desire…

  • Dragonfly: Exquisitely beautiful, a scent which evokes the lush atmosphere of Summer but also a refreshing aura. A blend of rare lavish blue lotus, watery bamboo and leafy greens, refreshing green tea and a base of silky smooth Indian white amber.

  • Dylan w/ Perfect Match & Hedione: The scent of a sun-baked pier on a summer night at the beach, heavy with humidity and darkly sexy. This unisex fragrance features a blend of weighty black coconut and black vanilla oils, with a seawater-and-driftwood accord, layered with sweet white musk and the airy shimmer of Hedione. Great for parties and gatherings large and small, we’ve enhanced it with our exclusive PERFECT MATCH pheromone formula...a *soulmate* type blend that both sexes can wear. Promotes attraction, bonding, trust, communication, conquering of nervousness and happy, good-time mood elevation. Reminds established couples of that first blush of new love, complete with butterflies in the tummy! Crafted for the Gents, but Ladies may enjoy wearing this one too.

  • Elara w/ Magnet: She caught the eye of Zeus by fluttering her long eyelashes....can you see her face in the nebulous sky? Elara is a feminine thing, light and breezy and perfect for Spring. Erected on a diaphanous pedestal of China musk and teak, with pretty flowers in her hair - paperwhites, tuberose and tea rose - evenly blended to a soft bouquet, and enhanced with our popular man-magnet pheromone blend.

  • Electric Heart w/ Copulins: Spark an attraction this Spring! Bright and uplifting, reminiscent (in spirit) of our much-loved OCCO Ambrosia scent, this fragrance wears its’ (purple) heart on its’ sleeve: purple prickly pear blended with a medley of juicy berries, sweetened with orange blossom honey and pink sugar, layered on a base of sweetened sandalwood and topped with a refreshing splash of bamboo leaf tea. We then added a dose of copulins to help electrify the interest of others!

  • Guavas in the Mist: Long ago, ages before man first stumbled out of the cave, thumped his chest to announce his presence – whereupon he was promptly devoured by a T-Rex – there roamed the wild Guava Beast. This fruity-hued creature was content to wander the wilderness, minding its own business, generally living a carefree existence without a care or a clue. One might consider this a bad thing, considering the number of ferocious predators eagerly looking for the next meal, but the Guava Beast just thumbed his beaky nose at them and went about his way. The bewildered predators scratched their heads, muttered amongst themselves and went after a prey they could actually scare. Like cavemen. ~ ~ ~ A carefree, mood-elevating scent featuring the luscious guava, with a whisper of berry to drive those stressful thoughts away, along with a trace of banyan fruit to promote resourcefulness and enlightenment. A misty layer of vanilla and powdered sugar puts you in a happy, playful mental state while the drop of vetiver shows off your beauty and draws love and happiness your way. Follow the lead of the wild Guava Beast and show those stresses how little you actually care. It'll take all their fun away, leaving you to wander freely in a happy, tranquil jungle all your own.

  • H2OOO w/ Hedione for Men: A freshwater summer scent for the gents (masculine, but ladies can wear it too)...crafted of a variety of water accords and succulents – cactus and Bird of Paradise, sea salt and ozone - with subtle crisp accents of aloe, cucumber, juniper and mint, blended with fresh coconut milk and a touch of sweet sandalwood in the base, and imbued with the Wow! factor of Hedione, a fragrance ingredient purported to produce an attractant pheromone-like response in others when added to scent. Oooooh sooooo sexy!

  • Heatwave: When it's hot and humid all you want to do is cool down...and we've got the teas to please! A chilly quaff for when the temps climb high, this is a delicious fruit-based tea scent featuring sweet strawberry, tangy pomegranate and icy peppermint blended with refreshing white tea and just a drop of vanilla. An additional splash of watery succulent Bird of Paradise adds to the cooling effect for this long-lasting fruity/floral herbal remedy for the summer swelter!

  • Kiss of Nectar: A garden in full flower, a delicious drift of blooming blossoms and potent sweetness...a summer bouquet of heady honeysuckle, hydrangea and hyacinth dripping with luscious butterscotch syrup layered upon an elegant oriental-style musky base.

  • Kissed by the Sun: Envisioned by one of our long-time forum members, Tyvey, who originally requested this as a Private Edition - but we loved it so much we thought everyone should have a chance to wear it!  An alluring sweet warmth is evoked by a thick juicy swirl of black currant into rich coconut cream and vanilla, sprinkled with fairy floss sugar and a whisper of luxurious ylang-ylang floating upon a soft base of African white patchouli.

  • Kittenish 2015: Our customers continuously *purr* for this peachy delight! Fresh ripe peaches blended with hints of buttery caramelized sugars, maple and benzoin, layered with white and dark amber and just a whisker of kitteny-soft fuzziness in the form of oakmoss and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. This upbeat fragrance promotes all manner of affection and positivity in its ingredients and smells deliciously adorable!

  • Lariel: The name means "Lioness of God" and this one is sure to make you roar!  In the popular tradition of our citrus gourmand fragrances we’ve whipped up a bold and creamy orange floral cupcake blend just in time for the warm weather. Showers of orange blossom and numerous varieties of ylang-ylang melded with creamy-sweet caramel and vanilla, fresh green coconut water, grounded with sturdy teak and just a touch of tropical smoked sugarcane,

  • Leilani w/ Lumina: The most beautiful bloom in all the tropics is lovely Leilani...immerse yourself in our breezy tropical floral fantasy: a fragrance constructed with mid-notes of thick luscious coconut cream, lush magnolia blossoms and watery-fresh papaya.  For a spectacularly sunny disposition we’ve enhanced this scent with our exclusive LUMINA pheromone blend...for accentuating that precious 'glow' of femininity ~ attractiveness, sparkle, happiness, youthful appeal and confidence. Sensual, certainly, but not overtly sexual (just a drop of copulins); safe to wear day or night, anytime or anywhere you want to ILLUMINATE the room!

  • Mermaids of Atlantis 2015: Our beloved customers just can’t get enough of this treasure of the sea! One of our perennial bestsellers since its introduction in 2004…all the magical seductive allure of those daughters of La Mer: a lush floral bouquet of water lily, plumeria, gardenia and magnolia, with fresh green accents of Hawaiian maile leaf & vines, cucumber and bamboo, drowned in sea moss and bladderwrack and sweetened with a tropical twist of honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango and coconut. Each full-sized bottle contains the mermaid's treasure in the form of a pearl.

  • Midnight Rhapsody: Come join us on the nightside of the tropics...a sensual experience awaits you in this simple yet beautiful blending of pineapple, amber, orchid and musk. Romantic and sultry, perfect for the next time you turn up the heat on a long summer night…

  • Morning Star: Inspired by numerous requests from our beloved customers... Naturally sweet and light, this is a wonderful scent to wake you up in the morning, but please enjoy its’ lovely aura all day!  Fresh crisp cucumber and basil EO, cooling spearmint EO and luminous lemongrass EO mingling on a base of gentle white patchouli.

  • Nectar de l'Amour: This delectable "fruit bomb" blend is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and lust in his heart! A bounty of berries – raspberry, mulberry, boysenberry, and blueberry – is blended with luscious apricot and sweet and green apple accords, then given a spin of syrupy sweetness with light honey, caramel and pink berry sugars.

  • OCCO: Ambrosia 2016 w/ EoW Copulins: A customer favorite sexy summer blend, six years running! To continue our infamous Overt Cops for Covert Ops series, here is a Limited Edition variant perfectly suited for the warmer months ahead: a lusciously dense amazingly effective cover for our OCCO-strength load of Essence of Woman Copulins which will capture the attention of your'll be Ambrosia worthy of the gods! Perfectly juicy sweet-and-tart mango with just a touch of delicious tangy cherry form the heart of this OCCO variant, plus a dash of excitement-engendering ginger, thick vanilla bean and a core of rich chocolate...with just a drop of sensuous patchouli for balance and depth.

  • Perfumed Whisker: A fragrance purr-fect for a sultry elegant lady, our slightly sweet floriental spiced musk is a warm weather perfume with a humid feel, suitable for day or night. A complex blend of ingredients including delicate vanilla, feminine pale musk, lush spiced amber, light teak and birch woods, a bounteous floral bouquet – including geranium, honeysuckle, orchid, magnolia, iris, freesia, violet, and muguet – brightened with touches of apricot, tangerine, guava and cocoa powder and finished with a hint sweet smoke and dried tobacco leaf.

  • Petals of Silk w/ La Femme Noire: Romance is in the air...courtesy of this elegant fragrance which feels luxurious like the caress of the finest silk: heady voluptuous tuberose entwined with sweet perfume-y blackberry and musky desert sage. Such a beautifully feminine perfume demands the alluring addition of our exclusive LA FEMME NOIRE pheromone blend, an "after hours" version of La Femme Mystere...all of the original seductive charms *intensified*. What man could resist the mystique, the sex appeal, the magic of the womanly cues of she who dons this most potent potion? She who leaves them spellbound and begging for more!

  • Rosalynd w/ Open Windows: Our beloved local customers clamor for uplifting citrusy fragrances to combat the rainy weather of the Portland environs. Always happy to oblige, we’ve created the scent of a beautifully bright sunny day. The heart of this perfume is lemongrass and tea rose, perfectly sweet and tangy, with accents of airy black tea and a base of sheer white musk. We’ve paired it with our most accessible unisex pheromone blend, OPEN WINDOWS, a blend for people who want to lift themselves at their down times, and to lift others around them, too. An all-round social blend which is a winner in helping achieve that 'feel-good, look good' magnetic factor that attractive people exude naturally, making people want to talk to and get close to the wearer at every opportunity.

  • Seaside: Make this a summer to remember with our fragrance which evokes the most beautifully sophisticated suntan oil you’ve ever slathered. Like a tropical resort fantasy of soft sand, gentle surf, lush flowers and palm trees waving in the refreshing Tradewinds, the humidity a velvety kiss under deep blue sky and sparkling you lounge upon a chaise in designer sunglasses and a silk sarong, your very own cabana boy oiling your skin till it gleams...several varieties of dense suntan oil-type coconut adorned with alluring lotus blossoms, layered with watery-fresh green coconut, dry exotic sandalwood and topped with a brilliant sprinkle of sweet white’s simply fabulous to be beside the seaside, darling!

  • Seaside Sizzle w/Aja: A luscious luminous scent which evokes the good times of hanging out at the beach and sizzling in the sun! Rich creamy cocoa butter finds summer romance with a blend of wildflower honey, Spring honey and plant-sourced honey (Aja), and a fresh topnote of hydrangea.

  • Spell 2015: One True Love: I am in a happy, healthy, mutually loving relationship.

  • Spell 2015: Star Power w/ Popularity Potion: I am confident, happy and fun, and attract many friendships which are loyal, nurturing and enjoyable.

  • Splendor in the Grass ~ for Men: Gentlemen, welcome to Splendor...if you wear our woody-green salute to Summer you'll no doubt find many pleasures of your own in the great outdoors...featuring a heart of fresh green grass and woody vetiver interwoven with Irish moss and sturdy notes of balsam, cedar and teak, accented with an accord crafted of African herbal EOs and just a dash of piquant Oriental spice.

  • Spring Thyme: It’s time to fall in love with this herbal-fruity melange of Spring-y goodness, which contains ingredients to enhance and engender blossoming attraction or rejuvenate perennial passion. Luscious apricot, herbaceous thyme and aromatic wormwood, blended with watery-fresh green accents and sparkling touches of juicy peach and grapefruit - for love and romance, psychic ability and connection, glamour and feminine allure.

  • Summer Crush: What would Summer be without an icy glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade?  Too hot, that’s what! And because we dream up the best ways to beat the heat, here’s another of our recipes for refreshment: a strawberry-rose version of that light and bright delight, we stir together three strawberry accords with a blend of baby pink roses and fresh-cut rose stems into a pitcher of pink sugar-sweetened lemonade. A sweet mellow patchouli provides the base of our totally cute quaff for the seasonal swelter!

  • Summertime Blue: Light as a breeze, evocative of the bright skies of summer and the Tradewinds pulling the occasional fluffy cloud along in its wake. A breath of airy imported blue musk is mixed with tropical fruit (pineapple and mango) and lei flowers (magnolia, tuberose, orchid, hibiscus and maile vine) layered upon coconut cream and fresh blueberry fruit and leaves.

  • Sunshine of Your Love: Sooooooooo cream-cream-creamy! ;) For the coco-crazed among us...cocoa butter and coconut, that is. Spring means you can let the sunshine in and show some skin! You'll want to slather this all over, or have someone help you so you don't miss any spots...Lavish thick cocoa butter and coconut blended with just a kiss of almond, yummy!

  • Tangy Tart: When it comes to a summer refresher, there's nothing like a tall glass of lemonade. But here at LPMP we have our own ideas about what would make a lovely lively lemonade and thus this special recipe was born. This is our raspberry lemonade fragrance which will help you beat the heat in an altogether luscious way! We blended multiple types of tart lemon, tangy raspberry and sweet strawberry with the richness of brown sugar and then to give it an icy aura we included cool notes of lettuce, tiny drops of cucumber and black licorice plus the smooth polish of amber to make it wearable even when the temps are high!

  • Tropical Musk 2015: Our classic evocation of a tropical mood, now recreated for the fourth time! This ever-popular fragrance is a vacation destination in a bottle...lush coconut and coconut cream accords mingle with the sultry aura of a blend of Egyptian, white and green musks, topped with a cool breeze of bamboo, enhanced with tropical vanilla and the summery sparkle of pineapple.

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