Wintery Scent

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  • Enchanted Wonderland: A whisper of winter which also hints at the pleasures of Spring: a luscious bevy of figs - including California Black Mission Figs and Banyan Fruit – embodying rich jam-like and fresh earthy qualities – upon a base of fluffy freshly fallen snow in the form of powdery frankincense & myrrh, white sugar and the tiniest drop of vetiver.

  • Garland & Lace v6: Have yourself a very yummy Christmas... The holidays are the time to enjoy all manner of start with you! This fragrance is one endless gourmand delight of creamy eggnog, spicy gingerbread, and mouthwatering pumpkin pie, sure to tempt the one you want to give you a nibble…or three. And to ensure the nibbling leads to other, more erotic pursuits we've added our exclusive pheromone mix LACE: a blend of euphoric Alpha-Androstenol and gentle feminine Estratetraenol. The scents no man can resist and the lure of pheromones? You'll be under the mistletoe before you can say Happy Holidays!

  • Just Desserts: Have you been a good witch or a bad witch? If you do indeed deserve a reward, an indulgence, then we’ve created one perfect for the season...but take care lest you’re the one being nibbled! Sticky swirls of luscious butterscotch and creme brulee smooched with warm almond in a base of luxurious amber and just a touch of woody cedar.

  • Liquid Shadow: Cloak yourself in our unisex scented shadow, a slinky shade which moves about in the night, becoming one with the darkness and all its’ delights...a fragrance reminiscent of the most deeply exquisite coffee incense: potently brewed black coffee and espresso blended with black vanilla and dark chocolate, mingling with the exotic fumes of nag champa and kush resin, deepened with lavish patchouli and oud.

  • Merry! 2015: Our fan-favorite pink eggnog delight has returned for more jolly celebrations! Saucy Merry was a very very naughty fairy! After partaking in the Wild Hunt, the revelries of Yule are a favorite among the Fae, their love of pleasure urging their celebrations to reach raucous heights of music, drinking and dance, as well as the most mouthwatering treats given to all who attend. And a certain little girl fairy is up to her usual mischief with a special recipe for eggnog, a quaff so delightful few can resist a cup as she offers them to all the boy fae whom she wishes to seduce. As sweet as her kisses and creamy as the feel of her skin…one never knows whose heart she might steal next. Merry's recipe is a much-prized magical brew: a blend of rich eggnog accords with pink accents of fairy floss sugar and juicy mulberry, on a sensual base of amber and sandalwood.

  • Minions of Santa: A tradition of Victorian Christmas observances, this is a “perky” twist on the classic holiday potpourri recipe: featuring uplifting notes of spicy bayberry and fruity plum, the peels of apple, orange and lemon, with accents of bamboo and cedar, upon a deep base of oud and just a touch of AJA.

  • Nutcracker Sweet: All I want for Christmas is this perfection of holiday confection! Loads of spicy gingerbread accords melded with the scent of warm pecans and roasted chestnuts, swirled with gooey caramelized sugar and dripping with sweet buttercream icing. For added enticement we’ve layered all this on a base of “chewy” aged amber and patchouli.

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