Essence Oil for Women - EoW Copulins

Unscented Pheromone for Women

ESSENCE of a WOMAN™, pure Copulins from Stone Independent Research, in an OIL base. This is the exact same strength and formula that EoW users are accustomed to, only in a base of oil rather than alcohol. We prefer this delivery method as it comes off as more "organic", diffusing with the heat of your body and lying closer to the skin. The effect is purportedly strong and immediate sexual attraction.

Lab synthesized "copulins" emulate the natural vaginal secretions of a fertile young female, but amplified to a huge degree. The effect on men is usually strong and immediate sexual arousal, and many female wearers report "self-effects" of sexual arousal too.

Available exclusively from LPMP, Essence Oil is packaged in a 1/3 fl.oz. glass roll-on bottle. The oil base wears a little differently on the skin than the traditional alcohol base - the scent lies closer to the skin, and also lasts for a more prolonged period of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE - PLEASE READ!: Even though this pheromone product is considered "unscented", it is not fragrance free. The product itself has a rather strong and distinctive aroma. For best results, apply to the torso area of the body, (rather than neck/face/hair or hands), and allow approx TEN MINUTES dry down time before putting on your clothes. Allowing for dry-down will give the pheromone blend time to meld with your skin chemistry and most of the odor will disappear... what remains should be easily covered by a fragrance of your choice. If you are uncomfortable with the process of trying to "cover" the odor of a pheromone blend, adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance will shorten the dry-down time and detectability of the pheromones.

If you suspect that you may have a hard time "covering" the strong scent of this pheromone product, allow us to do it for you! Check out our perfumed copulin product, "Overt Cops for your Covert Ops"!

Ingredients: Dipropylene glycol (DPG), propionic acid, isobutyric acid, butryric acid, valeric acid, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, hexanoic acid, benzenethiol.


From our Phero-Wiki:

COPULINS ~ The word "copulins" is derived from the word "copulate". Copulins are a lab synthesized re-creation of the vaginal fluids naturally produced by the human female in preparation for sexual intercourse.

Contrary to rumor, copulins are produced by women naturally whether they are on birth control or not. If a woman has the ability to lubricate in preparation for having sex, she is creating copulins. However, the lab created copulins available on the market were produced to mimic the excretions of healthy fertile young women, not on birth control, thus the confusion. The practice of dabbing a little of a woman's own natural excretions on her cleavage has been a known aphrodisiac throughout thousands of years of recorded history.

The original and most popular commercial recipe for copulins was created by scientist Astrid Jutte, who found that exposing males to the scent of copulins (at a strength of 3 drops per gallon of water) almost instantly increases men's testosterone levels by 150%. The scent of copulins is a chemical/subliminal signal that a woman is ready to have sex, and responses from men are instantaneous, if largely subconscious. Many females, both gay and straight, are also sexually excited by the smell of copulins.

Commercial copulin preparations are many many many times the strength of natural excretions. The odor of the product is more akin to what one might expect from a woman who hasn't bathed in six months. They are meant to wear diluted and with a strong "cover scent". Once applied to the skin, they require a "dry down" time of up to 20 minutes. Initial application smell has been compared to rotten fruit or cheese, but after dry down, the copulin scent calms and merges with the person's skin chemistry and becomes more akin to the scent of strong but natural excretions. It is recommended that one always wears a good fragrance to cover or blend with the smell of the copulins. It is also advised that copulins should never be applied to the hair or clothing, because they require contact with skin chemistry to calm down and settle - or else you're stuck with a powerful rotten fruity/cheese smell that doesn't go away.

Copulins are most successfully worn on the torso and cleavage area. Do NOT use on the face, neck, ears, hairline, etc., as this may produce an impression of the wearer being unclean, rather than sexy.

Once again, the LESS is BETTER rule applies. A mere 3 drops added to a bottle of your own perfume (1/3rd fl.oz., or 9-10 drops per ounce) will give you the desired effect while remaining neigh imperceptible in odor. Up to 30 drops may be added if your cover scent is extremely strong and you allow a solid 15 minutes of dry-down time.

Size: 1/3 fl.oz. Glass Bottle with Roll On Applicator.
Price: $24.95 per bottle.

  • Created By: SIR exclusively for Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie
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