Pherotine 2017 - Sets & Specials

Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women
Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Men

Access all of our Pherotine discounted Sets & Specials here! Including Trial Collections and Bottle Sets for both Women & Men! Pherotine is a special time here at LPMP - it’s that time of year when we can share the joy and wonder of pheromones with all of you! Stock up on old favorites or try a new blend, and for those who have never experienced the fabulous benefits of pheromone usage - providing enhancement to many aspects of one’s life - Pherotine is YOUR time to dive right in with our deeply-discounted offers on both samplers and full-bottle sets of our exclusive unscented blends as well as our collection of phero-enhanced fragrances. Why? Because we LOVE you and we want to help you add a little MAGIC to your life with our perfect synergy of scent, intent, and science!

Pherotine 2017 includes 24 Phero Enhanced fragrances. 14 for Women, and 10 for Men, 5 of which can also be worn by Women. So, we're offering a a variety of discounted specials for everyone to choose from.

Please, make sure to read the offerings carefully and make your choices with care. If your phone will not allow you to access the long drop down menu properly, then either order via desktop computer or email us and ask for an invoice at: Thank you!


Imperium w/ Super Sexy for Men
Libertine w/ Hunter Trapper
Rebel w/ Wanted Man
Smooth Operator w/ Heart Throb
TeeKayOh w/ Charisma

Connect w/ Teddy BB
Cuddle Musk w/ Perfect Match
Open Arms w/ Open Windows
Peace & Calm w/ Balm Bomb
Sable Vert w/ Alpha Nol + Hedione

Bad Girl w/ Leather
Drive By Fruiting w/ Open Windows (FULL STRENTH PHERO SPRAY)
Friends & Lovers w/ Treasured Hearts (SPRAY)
Lait du Citron w/ Blatant Invitation
Odalisque 2107 w/ Bang
Palla w/ Lumina
Pesky Pixie w/ True Confessions
Snugalicious w/ Cuddle Bunny
Sparkle & Shine w/ Cougar
Tea & Flowers w/ Mega Watt
Themyscira w/ Girl Girl
Undercover Lover w/ EoW Copulins
Vampire Bait w/ Gotcha + Aja
Winter in the Tropics w/ La Femme Mystere



Note: Trial Sets are discounted by approx 40% and there is a maximum limit of 2 per household.

Set of 10 Trials for Men ~ a $50 value for $29.95
Set of 14 Trials for Women ~ a $70 value for $44.95
Set of 19 Trials for Women (Women's + Unisex) ~ a $95 value for $59.95
Full Set of 24 Trials for both Men & women ~ a $120 value for $74.95

Note: Bottle Sets are discounted at approx 20% and there is no limit.

Set of 10 Bottles for Men ~ a $299.50 value for $249.95
Set of 12 OIL Bottles for Women ~ a $359.40 value for $289.95
Set of 14 Bottles for Women (including Sprays) ~ a $464.30 value for $349.95
Set of ANY 10 OIL Bottles ~ a $299.50 value for $249.95 (You MUST list your choices where prompted!)
Set of 10 or more Bottles of Any Combo not listed here, please ask for an invoice and we will give you 20% off. Email us at:


ALSO, it is our tradition to offer discounted Unscented Phero Trials each year during this promotion. You will find these offerings in our Etsy Shop Here:§ion_id=16172918

Thank You and Happy Shopping! :D

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