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Almost all of our perfumes are limited editions, so grab them while you can!


Autumn Rain: A unisex beauty of a nature scent that conjures a rainy day in the woods, misty and damp, darkening in the hollows with the distant rumble of thunder and quick flashes of lightning overhead. Dry leaves and wet woods form the heart of our forest, with dewy notes of fern and fresh cut stems, and autumnal accents of apple and hay blended with the ambiance of earth and smoky frankincense.

Bewitching Hour w/ EoW Copulins: In tribute to the legendary apple spells that were in times past enacted at midnight on Samhain in order to foretell one's true love, we’ve created a richly exotic and mysterious blend...enticing resinous notes of patchouli, dragon’s blood, majmua, amber, storax, benzoin and kush resin blended with the crisp sweet clarity of a freshly-cut red apple.  And to further your quest for affection, we’ve included a dose of Essence of Woman Pure Copulins.

Blue Smoke: An Autumnal enticement of lightly-spiced woods, a hint of smoke and the depth of  insensual Indian black musk, stained by the juice of fall’s final blueberries. Brewed for witches, but wizards might enjoy this one too.

Candy House: Our delicious pumpkin candy scent is eerily edible (but seriously, please do not eat it)! A blend of six types of pumpkin oils - a balance of the fresh-cut and the spiced - sweetened with a mixture of pink, brown and caramelized sugar notes, a dollop of creamy vanilla and a base of sweet amber. This one is ALL treat!

Flying Potion 2015 - Phero Enhanced Spray : Our insanely popular pheromone-enhanced fragrance spray is making its yearly sure to grab a bottle before it (literally) flies off the shelves yet again! All the hip witches love this crafty classic! We've blended gorgeous creamy ylang ylang EO, sweet black licorice, marshmallow and vanilla pods, tangy grapefruit and cassis topped with a pinch of cider spices and Poof! the master bottle was bubbling with magickal energy! Sweet and bright and ready for flight. But to ensure your lift-off we've included a high octane dose of our exclusive LEVITATION POTION pheromone blend: featuring the happy magic of our mood-elevating OPEN WINDOWS formula and an extra splash of giddy DHEAS.

Hauntings: A gorgeous ethereal scent... elegant sandalwood and myrrh languorous on a bed of sweet musk, sprinkled with powdered sugar and haunted by a ghost of pumpkin spice traveling within a puff of smoke.

Haystack: So-named for the confectionary delight, chocolate-coconut haystacks! Mounds of sweet shredded coconut drizzled with creamy chocolate, rich brown sugar and caramel on a base of sweet amber. A frightfully delightful treat, but there’s no hay in it...did we trick ya?!

Infusion: Did you know, when you slather yourself in the scent of raspberry and exotic musks, you become extra tasty to vampires? It's a fact. Just, to die for, delicious! So give that special bloodsucker in your life something to sink his or her teeth into....a redder-than-red blend of black raspberry, black currant and pomegranate, with a base of silky white and smoky red musks.

Supernatural w/ Aja: A blend of delicate herbal and white tea notes form the latticework for this delectable honeyed lemon brew... organic bee pollen and several types of flower honey (cactus, wildflower and orange blossom), plus our honey-sweet natural copulin analog AJA, and a generous squeeze of the ol' fresh tart - the exhilarant lemon – an attractor of spirits; the scent a gateway into their realm. Stimulating and tantalizing for those of both spirit and flesh!

Titian Sweet: A delectable bevy of citrus EOs - tangerine, clementine and mandarin - drowned in a sticky-sweet Halloweenie swamp of melted caramel and maple.


Honeyed Love Potion® w/Gotcha! 2015: One of our most popular Love Potion variants returns one more time! A honey of a variant of the one which started it all…our deliciously decadent and lust-inspiring Love Potion base of vanilla, amber and patchouli framing a aureate centerpiece of ripe juicy apricot soaked in four types of honey…incredibly luscious! And for an extra oomph of passion we've paired it with our exclusive GOTCHA! pheromone formula. GOTCHA! is a sensual sexual attractant, but more importantly with a little something extra...something to help erode his fears, something to help him let go of his inhibitions, something to help nudge him off that cliff of indecision and into your arms.

Ambrosia of Eros w/EoW Copulins: All of our SLF-type scents sell out faster than you can say SEXY, so snap this one up and drive someone wild! Some delights are just so incredibly sensual they cannot help but lead to other...more carnal...pleasures. Which is why we’ve created this amazingly rich and decadent variant of our infamous SLF recipe: the combination of musky-type honeys and warm amber provoking purely libidinous thoughts...with the added sexy sweetness of dark chocolate, almond, whipped cream and sticky caramel plus just a teasing bite of spice. This incredible edible will have the one you desire in your scented thrall for whatever you have in (your dirty) mind…! Enhanced w/ EoW Copulins.

Bad Boy 2015: Manly but delicious and oh so wild...a blending of numerous types of sandalwood and vetiver, with scrumptious accents of vanilla bean, tonka and vanilla plus the irresistible lure of a rebel’s leather jacket on a base of sheer white amber...put it on and get ready to ride, you wicked thing!

Body Paint 2015: A lavender gourmand fantasy continually in demand! This particular version is actually a combination of two very popular scents: Body Paint and Fuzzy Wuzzy. Our lavender-based fragrances literally fly off the shelves as soon as they are available and when it comes to this kind of deliciousness there is no such thing as too much of a good thing! Lavender is, among its many charms, a verified man magnet, so scent yourself with our delectable alluring adornment! A heart of French Lavender and a lavender attar, with delicate black raspberry, a swirl of cream and honey, then slathered with luscious cream cheese frosting.

Kittenish 2015: Our customers continuously *purr* for this peachy delight! Fresh ripe peaches blended with hints of buttery caramelized sugars, maple and benzoin, layered with white and dark amber and just a whisker of kitteny-soft fuzziness in the form of oakmoss and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. This upbeat fragrance promotes all manner of affection and positivity in its ingredients and smells deliciously adorable!

Lick of Cream 2015: Our beloved customers demand the thrill of vanille, and we always aim to please! A vanilla fragrance so creamy-rich and luscious you’ll never want to wear anything else! Fluffy clouds of buttercream, meringue, crème brulee and custard accords made additionally delicious with buttery vanilla, maple, caramel, coconut cream and a pinch of cardamom.

Mermaids of Atlantis 2015: Our beloved customers just can’t get enough of this treasure of the sea! One of our perennial bestsellers since its introduction in 2004…all the magical seductive allure of those daughters of La Mer: a lush floral bouquet of water lily, plumeria, gardenia and magnolia, with fresh green accents of Hawaiian maile leaf & vines, cucumber and bamboo, drowned in sea moss and bladderwrack and sweetened with a tropical twist of honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango and coconut. Each full-sized bottle contains the mermaid's treasure in the form of a pearl.

Pillow Stuffing 2015: Sleep and relaxation scents are always sought-after and sold-out, thus one of the most effective returns to bring you deep restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Based on Mara’s recipe for the contents of her Magical Dream Pillows, its’ lavish and relaxing scent can now be yours to slather at bedtime to promote a tranquil state of mind to enable the rest we require. Calming lavender, German Blue Chamomile, Indian patchouli leaves and oakmoss, with refreshing accents of peppermint, eucalyptus and birch leaf provide peace, protection and serene slumber.

Soul Food 2015: One of our best-selling resinous blends, imbued with the aura of sacred observances and of spiritual enlightenment and serenity. This smells familiar to you, you recognize it, perhaps from an earlier incarnation, it's a scent that is imprinted on our souls...all of the ingredients were utilized in the venerable traditions of mummification, and as tributes to the gods and for remembrance of the dead. A fragrance with the aura of an ancient temple: featuring a heart of sandalwood and benzoin, further resinous resonances of patchouli, frankincense and myrrh, and a sprinkle of earthy cinnamon.

Spirit Bottle 2015: The return of a powerful potion of authority... Featuring a heart of Dahnul Oud with nineteen different EOs and a base of Indian and Arabian Attars and Musks, this scent conjures the feeling of entering an exotic apothecary shoppe somewhere in the back of beyond...a place where magic is held within the earth itself, charging the atmosphere and awakening all your senses...based on a Hoodoo “Bend Over” potion recipe, allow it to suffuse you with courage and confidence, power and command in whatever situation you encounter.

Tropical Musk 2015: Our classic evocation of a tropical mood, now recreated for the fourth time! This ever-popular fragrance is a vacation destination in a bottle...lush coconut and coconut cream accords mingle with the sultry aura of a blend of Egyptian, white and green musks, topped with a cool breeze of bamboo, enhanced with tropical vanilla and the summery sparkle of pineapple.

Velvet Kisses w/ Cuddle Bunny 2015: This one is so popular it's already been rebrewed multiple times! It is a delicious seduction construction... A pick-me-up that will knock you out! We take our inspiration for this scent from an infamous alcoholic concoction called a Velvet Hammer, but we've brewed it not only deeply delicious, but velvety smooth and sensual. A rich melding of vanilla cream and two types of chocolate and espresso, we then add a dash of mandarin orange and to make it perfectly perfumed, two types of sexy amber and myrrh. To invite those you want to come closer, we've included a dose of our exclusive CUDDLE BUNNY pheromone blend, the classic recipe of estratetraenol and copulins for inspiring cuddling - and what that inevitably leads to...!


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