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Age of Aquarius: LOVE (Potion) will steer the stars! In astrological time, it took many many moons indeed to bring forth this heralded epoch: the advent of a New Age of enlightenment, expansion of consciousness, and overall cosmic understanding, and we pay homage to this famed cultural period with a Peace, Love and Hippy-ness unisex fragrance... exotic earthy patchouli and amber layered with dense vanilla absolute and vanilla bean, herbal accents of cannabis, purple desert sage and camellia blossoms, topped with a spicy shot of clove bud EO. Grooooovy, baby!

Aurora: You’ll want to catch this cloud of deliciousness before it sails off the shelves! Our beloved customers constantly crave the fluffy soft soothing sweetness of lavender-marshmallow and we’re happy to oblige with this sheer but “sticky” delight crafted with three varieties of lavender and two types of marshmallow oil swirled with luscious buttercream and white amber.

Elara w/ Magnet: She caught the eye of Zeus by fluttering her long eyelashes....can you see her face in the nebulous sky? Elara is a feminine thing, light and breezy and perfect for Spring. Erected on a diaphanous pedestal of China musk and teak, with pretty flowers in her hair - paperwhites, tuberose and tea rose - evenly blended to a soft bouquet, and enhanced with our popular man-magnet pheromone blend.

Electric Heart w/ Copulins: Spark an attraction this Spring! Bright and uplifting, reminiscent (in spirit) of our much-loved OCCO Ambrosia scent, this fragrance wears its’ (purple) heart on its’ sleeve: purple prickly pear blended with a medley of juicy berries, sweetened with orange blossom honey and pink sugar, layered on a base of sweetened sandalwood and topped with a refreshing splash of bamboo leaf tea. We then added a dose of copulins to help electrify the interest of others!

Lariel: The name means "Lioness of God" and this one is sure to make you roar!  In the popular tradition of our citrus gourmand fragrances we’ve whipped up a bold and creamy orange floral cupcake blend just in time for the warm weather. Showers of orange blossom and numerous varieties of ylang-ylang melded with creamy-sweet caramel and vanilla, fresh green coconut water, grounded with sturdy teak and just a touch of tropical smoked sugarcane,

Morning Star: Inspired by numerous requests from our beloved customers... Naturally sweet and light, this is a wonderful scent to wake you up in the morning, but please enjoy its’ lovely aura all day!  Fresh crisp cucumber and basil EO, cooling spearmint EO and luminous lemongrass EO mingling on a base of gentle white patchouli.

Mystic Mountain w/Hedione: Signs of Spring release their scents to the breeze...our watery floral blend contains a blooming bouquet of tulips, honeysuckle, water lily, olive blossom and wisteria,encircled by a delicate green veggie musk and airy accents of ozone and Hedione, a jasmine derivative purported to produce a pheromone-like response in others when added to scent.

New 2016: Life begins in Spring, and the season is the reason for the return of our much-loved offering to new life and endless possibility. This baby-like fragrance is a lovely reminder for mothers of when their dear ones were New, but everyone can enjoy its' soothing scent. A heart of milk extract accord is made delicately fragrant with clean lavender and vanilla, then given a baby powder soft finish with sweetened oakmoss. Great for wearing at bedtime or whenever you desire a comforting olfactory embrace...

Rose Dust w/ Popularity Potion: The romance of roses and champagne effervescence enhanced with smooth sandalwood and myrrh, soft oakmoss and sweet vanilla on a musky base with hints of powdered sugar and woodsmoke. A charming combination! To further your inherent allure, we’ve added a dose of our exclusive POPULARITY POTION pheromone blend, to help give off an air of 'movie star-esque' charisma. PP can assist one in becoming the center of attention, elevating the mood of those around you, and is specially-tempered to reduce feelings of jealousy which can arise when someone else is in the spotlight.

Time Turner: Travel back in time with me, to the dawn of perfumery...for a salute to a most ancient unguent, crafted of goose fat and tail of goat...well okay, not really a goat!  Actually it was a mysterious plant root - Spikenard - which many believed was the tail of a little goat.  This fragrance is akin to a warm skin-hugging vanilla with a woody heart and a tiny touch of spiciness, containing precious ingredients of a bygone era: Cistus labdanum, spikenard, and tonka in a carrier of creamy coconut fat instead of goose!

Tribute: An ode in oud, in acknowledgment of the all-seeing Eye of the cosmos...the infinite reaches of space contain vast realms unknown to our Earth-bound selves. If you look deep into the Universe, you may behold the home of the Gods, and watch them play among the stars... Our Tribute is a round woody unisex scent, just on the edge of masculinity...but plenty of ladies will love it too!  A heart of deep exotic oud enhanced by sacred frankincense and tobacco, blended with a non-foody vanilla.


Love Potion® Valentine - Ivory Cats: Our signature core of delectable apricot, luxurious amber, and creamy vanilla is beautifully enhanced with a shower of orange blossoms - the classic “man magnet” symbolic of affection and happiness - mingling with a base of powdery vanilla and sweetly sheer white musk. A timeless evocation of feminine fragrance, our Valentine salute to romance is subtle and soft and perfect to wear while spending time with your sweetheart.

Ivory Cats: Cherry Divinity: As love may change, in fair weather or foul, so it is said that the confectionary known as Divinity is subject to changes of humidity in order to achieve the desired form of puffy perfection. We decided upon a newfangled spin for that old-fashioned combination of cherry and chocolate…this time we’ve blended a sweet candied cherry accord in folds of fluffy marshmallow and rich vanilla, covered in a creamy white chocolate shell with just a touch of thick sweet amber for grounding. Devotees of our Special Delivery fragrance will find this one perfumely divine! A sold-out Valentine’s smash when we first introduced it, this cherry-chocolate cloud is yours to slather once again!

Ivory Cats: Closer w/ Copulins: A recipe for intimacy: the sexy, can't-miss combo of Indian black amber and musk with an erotic overlay of edible sensual vanilla and irresistible leather made sleazy with three types of honey and hints of pear and ginger plus a lust-inducing dose of Essence of Women Copulins.

Ivory Cats: Creamed Honey: Here we have a lusciously lickable scent for luxurious slathering, inspired by our Potion Master’s craving for a creamy-sweet take on LPMP’s enduringly popular honey scents. Numerous varieties of buttercream are blended with dense coconut cream and a sweet-and-spicy Indian amber, swirled into gorgeously light and fruity orange blossom honey.

Ivory Cats: Dianthus: This bold unisex spiced floral blend is perfect for when you’re ready to turn up the heat...a heart of peppery carnation blended with roasted black tea leaves, dusted with cardamom and powdered sugar, and layered upon smooth vanilla and sweet sandalwood.  Fans of our Pashazade scent will be equally enthralled by Dianthus!

Ivory Cats: Goddess of the Blue Moon w/ La Femme Noire: A rare phenomena, a beautiful occurrence....this fragrance is elegant, gently aquatic, and imbued with feminine energy, power, and confident sensuality. A lush heart of Nubian green musk and bamboo leaf surrounded by intriguing accents of blue lotus, pale amber, oakmoss and white willow.  To immerse you in the mysteries of the night we have added our exclusive LA FEMME NOIRE pheromone blend, an "after hours" version of La Femme Mystere...all of the original seductive charms *intensified*. What man could resist the mystique, the sex appeal, the magic of the womanly cues of she who dons this most potent potion? She who leaves them spellbound and begging for more!

Ivory Cats: Kara Kedi w/ Perfect Match: Exotic and enticing, with an aura of a licentious lounge populated by mysterious characters, this unisex blend is a fragrantly resonant blending of enthralling tobacco flower and dried tobacco leaf, layered on a base of incense-like oud then topped with a single intriguing black orchid blossom.  Wonderful for nighttime wear, to further its’ dusky attraction we’ve enhanced this scent with a dose of our exclusive PERFECT MATCH pheromone blend, a *soulmate* type blend which both sexes can wear. Promotes attraction, bonding, trust, communication, conquering of nervousness and happy, good-time mood elevation. Reminds established couples of that first blush of new love, complete with butterflies in the tummy!

Ivory Cats: Musk du Mog: Because one needs just the right accessory to go on the prowl, we’ve blended numerous varieties of sexy animalic musks from all over the world with a trio of exotic amber attars, and thick smooth sweet sandalwood topped with a single drop of Egyptian Rose Geranium. A lighter but still lasciviously lustful version of our enduringly desirable Cat’s Eye fragrance.

Ivory Cats: Passionbee w/ Heart & Soul: Bee something truly special with our wildly attractive fragrance! A rich tangy-sweet melange of passionfruit, black currant, apricot and grapefruit, a scatter of freesia petals, a dash of Arabian spice, infused with hand-tinctured bee pollen upon a woody base of mahogany and vetiver. To assist in provoking the passion you’re sure to inspire, we’ve included a dose of our exclusive HEART & SOUL pheromone formula, a blend which strives to help ladies to really connect and resonate with people - whether it be with their loved one, or just with good friends.

Ivory Cats: Postcards & Specials: Click here to purchase our Ivory Cats collection of postcard prints, full sized bottle sets and trial collections!

Ivory Cats: Silken Glow: Reminiscent of the sophisticated aura of bygone perfumes, we’ve created a beautifully passionate combination of velvety-smooth orris - known for its’ abilities to attract and inspire love - entwined with a silky powdery Egyptian musk, adorned with ornate touches of cedarwood and vetiver upon a richly glowing base of Indian sandalwood.

Ivory Cats: Tantalize w/ Lace: Tantalize his senses with the glamorous romance of the tropics...a blend of several types of luxuriously rare orchid - an enduring symbol of love and beauty - cradled in a cloud of fluffy vanilla and marshmallow, draped in sheer layers of soft white musk and myrrh, suffused with a sensual drift of woodsmoke and smoked sugar cane.  For further torrid temptation we’ve boosted this lovely with our exclusive LACE pheromone blend, which contains a "woozy" amount of Alpha-Androstenol (mood elevator, attraction amplifier) plus the precious ultra-feminizing pheromone Estratetraenol. Effects are reported as making the wearer feel extra girly and even a bit ditsy...a "Marilyn-esque" aura that is highly attractive to men.

Ivory Cats: Veridian Muse w/ Open Windows: A verduous adventure awaits with our unisex blend of airy fresh green musk and earthy African frankincense, accented with deep dark chocolate and enthrallingly exotic black orchid. To inspire you to discover all the pleasures of following this muse, we’ve included a dose of our exclusive OPEN WINDOWS pheromone formula, an all-round social blend which is a winner at lifting the spirits of the wearer and those around them, attracting all.


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