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Anti-Piggy w/Mega Watt: Our beloved customers have requested a rebrew of this classic and here it is! Every year many of us make resolutions to be more healthy and sensible, and while entirely feasible, it can be a struggle to stick with it. But we’re here to help, with Mara’s own aromatherapy-based blending of ingredients touted to function as an appetite suppressant. As she states: “It's not supposed to be for times when you are truly hungry. (If you're hungry, for goodness sake, eat something!) It's for times when you are craving sweets or being peckish for no reason...when you are just acting like a little piggy.” Each of the ingredients also promotes fertility and potency, creativity, and aids with protection, positive emotions and good fortune. Take a delicious whiff of crunchy-sweet green apples blended with creamy bananas and refreshing spearmint - its’ enlivening powers are enhanced with a dose of our MEGA WATT blend, an experimental pheromone formula for lending energy to the wearer. Users find this blend helpful with focus and determination, assisting in the completion of tasks.

Attis for Men: Matters of fertility come to mind in Spring and for the people of the ancient world it was vitally important: for it was said if the gods did not grant their bounty the crops would not grow and the people would go hungry. Fertility cults were common among the populace, and we’ve named this breezy Springtime take on a traditional men’s cologne in honor of Attis, a Phrygian god of vegetation who was so desired he became the consort of a goddess, and whose sacrifice symbolized the eternal renewal of all growing things, just as his own physical body remained perfect in the gods’ sight. Contains unique ingredients which cannot be duplicated, so be sure to grab a bottle quick-like! A manly fresh blending of mahogany, teak and sandalwood, wood sage and clover, sea salt and seagrass.

Blue Rose w/ Magnet: Blue is perhaps the most beautiful shade of Springtime: from the freshly-washed sky revealed after so many gray days, to the pale wonder of a robin’s egg, to the first sighting of flowers emerging from the thawing earth...the season makes feeling blue perfectly positive! A sweet garden-fresh floral appropriate for your Spring wardrobe...a blooming heart of delicate Sweetheart Roses brightened with ripe blueberry, dainty sweet pea and a watery base of fresh-cut green stems. It’s a gorgeous pairing with our exclusive MAGNET pheromone blend, the man magnet combo of Alpha-Androstenol and a whopping dose of EoW Copulins. Mood elevating, popularity enhancing and sexually attracting.

Buds of May: That well-known time-honored proverb of growth and change dates back to at least the 17th Century and serves as a reminder to all that the promise of better times is always just a season away. May flowers are nearly upon us, and you too can experience an olfactory growth spurt with this naturally fresh blending of Nature’s bounty! Enjoy the happiness-inducing charms of May lily and Lily of the valley with hints of crisp shiny red and green apples and a sweet dusting of powdered sugar.

Cacao Amor w/ EoW Copulins: When nothing but the most erotic of delectable pursuits will do...decadent dark chocolate drizzled with bright orange blossom honey, given a stir of deep chewy sticky amber and adorned with a single fleshy orchid in full bloom, to which we’ve added a salacious dose of Essence of Woman copulins...passion is delicious and so are you…

Cherry Blossom Musk: A definite and desired sign of Spring the world over is the blooming of cherry blossoms. Those delicate clouds of pink-and-white blossoms flowering en masse enchant us with their fleeting beauty. Many of our beloved customers have clamored for a cherry blossom scent for Springtime wear thus we’ve created our best blending of the delicate aroma of those prized petals: two types of cherry blossom flowers scattered upon a pillow of sheer and silky-soft varieties of musk.

Cotton Candy Peach: For our beloved customers who are always thinking pink - we’ve got more of what you love! In this case it’s a fresh and juicy pink peach scent sure to get you in the swing of Spring...flowery and tangy varieties of peach sweetened with three types of spun sugar accord, deepened with a base of storax and vanilla bean...mmm so fabulously peachy you’ll want to slather madly!

Petals of Silk w/ La Femme Noire: Romance is in the air...courtesy of this elegant fragrance which feels luxurious like the caress of the finest silk: heady voluptuous tuberose entwined with sweet perfume-y blackberry and musky desert sage. Such a beautifully feminine perfume demands the alluring addition of our exclusive LA FEMME NOIRE pheromone blend, an "after hours" version of La Femme Mystere...all of the original seductive charms *intensified*. What man could resist the mystique, the sex appeal, the magic of the womanly cues of she who dons this most potent potion? She who leaves them spellbound and begging for more!

Spring Thyme: It’s time to fall in love with this herbal-fruity melange of Spring-y goodness, which contains ingredients to enhance and engender blossoming attraction or rejuvenate perennial passion. Luscious apricot, herbaceous thyme and aromatic wormwood, blended with watery-fresh green accents and sparkling touches of juicy peach and grapefruit - for love and romance, psychic ability and connection, glamour and feminine allure.

Sunshine of Your Love: Sooooooooo cream-cream-creamy! ;) For the coco-crazed among us...cocoa butter and coconut, that is. Spring means you can let the sunshine in and show some skin! You'll want to slather this all over, or have someone help you so you don't miss any spots...Lavish thick cocoa butter and coconut blended with just a kiss of almond, yummy!

Tiresias: In the tradition of our unisex classics we’ve created a scent which embodies a kind of sweetened boysmell that is loved by all genders. Named in honor of one of the more interesting demigods in Greek mythology - Tiresias - who was uniquely qualified to look at life from both sides and stride the divide between anima and animus. Guys, women will love you in this! Ladies, men will find you utterly delicious! So give yourself a slather and an enlightened attitude with our warm blending of sandalwood and sweetly-spiced vanilla tobacco topped with a shot of bourbon on a base of sexy skin-hugging musk.


Bad Girl w/ Leather: As a partner-in-crime to one of our most popular masculine scents, we’ve decided to let the girls also have a be so very Bad! This is a thrillingly wicked and wild fragrance for your inner wanton woman, a salacious blend of "dirty” honeys and boozy vanilla extract get crazy with vanilla and vanilla bean, sweet sandalwood, suede leather, vanilla-flavored tobacco and a spicy dash of black pepper. And what more perfect pheromone pairing for this than our LEATHER blend - a variation on our Dominance Pheromone Blend for Women, made "softer" with the addition of the precious "ultra-feminizing" pheromone, Estratetraenol. Still clearly "alpha" in signature, but they'll be no mistaking you're all girl underneath the dominant exterior. Get your motor running, you’re a Bad Girl and you know it!

Connect w/ Teddy BB for Men: Guys, there’s an entire industry devoted to advising you on how to make that first crucial contact with someone special, but look no further - we’ve got the secret sauce right here! Bring them closer with this super-cuddly scent...warm and smooth with just a teasing hint of spice. Featuring.lots of love and luck-encouraging cedar, vetiver, tonka and a blend of mosses with a pinch of cardamom. To enable the connection for further affection, we’ve boosted this with our TEDDY POTION BB pheromone blend, which encourages rapt attention and camaraderie between men, and a comforting, placating and protective feeling in women.

Cuddle Musk w/ Perfect Match: Whether you snuggle, huddle, or nuzzle...however you cuddle, make it oh so intimately cozy and affectionate with our unisex blend of oakmoss, soft vanilla and sweet sandalwood nestled in sexy Egyptian musk with a dusting of powdered sugar. This is the perfect fragrance for our PERFECT MATCH pheromone formula, a *soulmate* type blend that both sexes can wear. Promotes attraction, bonding, trust, communication, conquering of nervousness and happy, good-time mood elevation. Reminds established couples of that first blush of new love, complete with butterflies in the tummy!

Drive By Fruiting w /Open Windows (Spray): A sunny sweet yummy melange of mood-elevating energizing goodness, with ALL DA FRUITS! Pineapple, berries, papaya, peach, apple, apricot, dragonfruit, red currant, guava berry, mango, honeydew, fig, plum, pomegranate, lemon and pear, blended with three types of honey, a sprinkle of brown sugar, a drop of ginger, then layered with a duo of fruity musks. And what better fragrance to feature a full-strength dose of our social butterfly-like OPEN WINDOWS pheromone blend! One of our most popular pheros which lends an emotional lift, and a lift to those around you, too. An all-round social blend which is a winner at bestowing that 'feel-good, look good' magnetic factor, making people want to talk to and get close to you at every opportunity.

Friends & Lovers w/ Treasured Hearts (Spray): Relationships are essential to our sense of worth and well-being as humans, and it’s important to cultivate the affinity we have with others. Our Friends & Lovers fragrance features a perennially popular scent combination, layered with the bonding magic of one of our most effective social pheromone formulas. It’s comforting and friendly, making everyone feel good to be close to you. Swaddle them in a cloud of fluffy-soft marshmallow and vanilla swirled with soothing lavender, a dash of anise, glittering drops of pink sugar, smoothed with sandalwood and amber then dusted with powdered sugar and enhanced with our TREASURED HEARTS pheromone blend. This blend encourages deep bonding between women - seems to work very well in soothing bristly females; makes people of both sexes feel less intimidated in the wearer's presence, and encourages a 'nesting' vibe in men - instilling a craving for permanence and commitment. Works fabulous in familial situations, we call this our "family reunion" blend.

Imperium w/ Super Sexy for Men: There is an ancient tale told of far-off Tunisia...many long ages ago the royal bees which were kept for the King’s pleasure were all male, and thus a King Bee ruled the hives and his royal drones produced a honey which was very fierce in nature, with a distinct odor and flavor, and fueled by it the King’s armies were always ready to conquer and plunder. In tribute to this lost legend, we’ve created a scent which could make YOU the King Bee should you choose to wander among the lovely flowers with commanding swagger….manly potent Tunisian honey blended with woody Amyris EO, spicy pimento leaf EO and the precious polish of amber. To ensure your victory we’ve boosted this with our SUPER SEXY FOR MEN pheromone formula. Designed to inspire sexual arousal and admiration in women, and give off a powerful aura of social dominance for the wearer. Our most popular phero blend for men!

Lait du Citron w/ Blatant Invitation: There’s a lot to love about the lively lemon, especially when surrounded by luscious gourmand notes to enhance its’ attributes of energy and attraction. Appeal to his olfactory palate with the delights of rich velvety vanilla, warm milk and warm bread accords, drizzled with thick honey and given a splash of sparkling lemon, all on a base of warm resins. For further seductive power we’ve enhanced this with our BLATANT INVITATION pheromone blend. Sexually assertive, but cuddly too - it whispers "yes” and gives off a vibe of uninhibited sexuality but is eminently approachable at the same time.

Libertine w/ Hunter Trapper for Men: Be bad in all the best ways! Any respectable man might be a rogue underneath his tailored and polished exterior - and the enticing discovery for the ladies is in finding out how loud the wolf will howl when the chase is on! Tempt and tease her with this attention-getting undercurrent of vice - opium resin, Cuban tobacco leaf and bourbon - lends a hint of danger to the masculine mastery of this blending of musk, bamboo and other aquatic notes topped with a splash of brisk Darjeeling tea. And what better way to enhance your inner naughtiness than with a boost of our HUNTER TRAPPER pheromone formula - for the man on the hunt for his perfect mate, a blend of Androstenone - for providing an sexy alpha-male signature, Androsterone - for garnering respect, and Beta-Androstenol - for letting down defenses, inspiring trust and intimate feelings.

Odalisque 2017 w/ Bang!: Our beloved customers clamored for more of this delectably sexy favorite, the embodiment of a woman who knows very well how to please and be pleased...alluring, graceful, and passionate. A fragrance which is a frothy dream of perfection: a deliciously delicate combination of whipped buttercream icing, two types of crystalline honey and rich cocoa butter basking in the voluptuous warmth of tonquin musk and white amber. For further sensual adventures we’ve enhanced this beauty with our BANG! pheromone blend - a remix of our fabulous SUPER SEXY FOR WOMEN blend, given a slutty sleazy spin with the addition of Essence of Woman Copulins and an extra dose of the feminine magic of Estratestraenol. BANG!...for when you know you need to hit it, and hit it hard.

Open Arms w/ Open Windows: When someone says "you look like you could use a hug,” then they’re probably right! Studies have shown there are definite health-related benefits for giving and receiving hugs - reducing blood pressure, promoting personal connection and a healthy heart rate, allaying anxiety and relieving many great reasons to welcome everyone in your life with open arms! Doing our part to encourage this positive practice, here’s our version of a warm embrace: on the masculine side of unisex, this scent is an inviting blending of black vanilla, sandalwood, and several varieties of amber, glowing with the citrus shine of tangerine, neroli and lime. For a further friendly feeling we’ve enhanced this with our OPEN WINDOWS pheromone formula. One of our most popular pheros which lends an emotional lift, and a lift to those around you, too. An all-round social blend which is a winner at bestowing that 'feel-good, look good' magnetic factor, making people want to talk to and get close to you at every opportunity.

Pallas w/ Lumina : Tangy pink grapefruit and beautiful red rose given a faint blush of strawberry, a pinch of pink peppercorn, then swirled with rich Bourbon vanilla and buttercream and just a wink of tangerine, layered upon white patchouli and sheer flowery Asian musk. To imbue you with a fresh-faced shine we’ve included a dose of our LUMINA pheromone blend. For accentuating that precious 'glow' of femininity ~ attractiveness, sparkle, happiness, youthful appeal and confidence. Sensual, certainly, but not overtly sexual (just a drop of copulins); safe to wear day or night, anytime or anywhere you want to ILLUMINATE the room!

Peace & Calm w/ Balm Bomb : In this stressful world we inhabit one could always use a break from the noise; an oasis of tranquility. We’ve bottled that feeling for you whenever you need to be calm and collected. Choosing ingredients known to be soothing to men, (but women can wear it too!) we've created this comforting blend of milk, freshly-washed linen, powdery-soft myrrh, grounding earth notes, pillowy moss, relaxing hay and greenery, a Zen garden of bamboo and teak, plus herbal accents of chamomile, basil and eucalyptus. So you can chillax to the max we’ve included a dose of our BALM BOMB pheromone formula - featuring pheros for calming and soothing, mood elevation, and for making people act a little nicer around the wearer...for their own good. ;)

Pesky Pixie w/ True Confessions : If you should visit the magical realms, be on the lookout for those pesky pixies, they flit and flirt and fly about, making mischief and whispering in your ear, asking so many questions...but how can one resist such bewitching little darlings? We’ve captured their adorable appeal for your personal use, especially the way in which they can get others to reveal their deepest secrets - with this too-cute fresh and fruity floral fragrance: blossoms of Lilly of the valley, peony and lavender brightened with lemon blossom EO and sweetened with peach. And to keep those confidences coming we’ve enhanced this with our TRUE CONFESSIONS pheromone blend, the much-celebrated combination of Beta and Alpha Androstenols which purportedly encourage approachability, chattiness, and deeply intimate communication. Wearing a large amount is reported to have a truth serum-like effect.

Pherotine 2017 - Sets & Specials: Access all of our Pherotine discounted Sets & Specials here! Including Trial Collections and Bottle Sets for both Women & Men! Pherotine is a special time here at LPMP - it’s that time of year when we can share the joy and wonder of pheromones with all of you! Stock up on old favorites or try a new blend, and for those who have never experienced the fabulous benefits of pheromone usage - providing enhancement to many aspects of one’s life - Pherotine is YOUR time to dive right in with our deeply-discounted offers on both samplers and full-bottle sets of our exclusive unscented blends as well as our collection of phero-enhanced fragrances. Why? Because we LOVE you and we want to help you add a little MAGIC to your life with our perfect synergy of scent, intent, and science!

Rebel w/ Wanted Man : A rebel is not one who simply rejects convention and expectation, but one who is seeking the untrodden path, expressing their own unique philosophy and style. What could be more rebellious than a man who is wholly himself? Allow your originality to come to the fore with this thoroughly bracing and manly lavender-based scent featuring herbaceous Tassi Lavender, vetiver, sweetgrass, cedar, spruce and boxwood finished with a base of deep dark amber. And you will break out from the pack with a boost of our WANTED MAN pheromone formula. Crafted for the outlaw - the lone wolf on the prowl, the bad boy. Highly 'alpha' and intensely, thrillingly attractive to women; but be warned: the strong alpha messages this pheromone blend emotes may provoke aggression in other alpha males.

Sable Vert w/ Hedione & Alpha Nol for Men : Three varieties of precious sandalwood (Egyptian, Indian, Hawaiian) and invigorating green tea, enhanced with the airy shimmer of Hedione, a jasmine derivative purported to produce a pheromone-like response when added to scent, as well as an elevating boost of Alpha-Androstenol - an attraction and THE mood elevating pheromone, said to create a friendly approachable impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. Encourages empathy and romantic feelings, creates an aura of youth and health, an impression of reproductive fitness, increases chattiness and friendliness from both sexes.

Smooth Operator w/ Heart Throb for Men: You’re the most from coast to coast! You know who you want to be...the one who makes an entrance and all heads turn to check you out, as you glide along leaving heartbreak in your wake. Guys, you need this to achieve an aura of assurance: a coffee musk which is smooth and sultry but not sweet...just SEXY. A bracing shot of fresh-brewed espresso blended with several varieties of musk, smokey resins, and accents of cedar and myrrh - a scent this alluring deserves an equally enticing pheromone blend, so get ready to work the room with the assistance of our HEART THROB formula. An Alpha-Sexual-Social mix for men that has really only one purpose in mind: to help get the wearer laid. With mood elevating, sex appeal and self confidence boosting qualities and ingredients for shining the light of attention your way, this blend exudes charismatic friendliness, but just enough hint of brooding bad boy to bring the girls to their knees. As a social mix around other men, it should encourage camaraderie (rather than confrontation), and make you welcome as one of the guys...or, maybe even the leader of the pack.

Snugalicious w/ Cuddle Bunny: Make a resolution this year to cuddle often with the one you love, and we’ve got the way to bring him closer than close...our youthful edible floral delight! Candied violet, sweet pea and freesia with a dazzling dusting of pink sugar and a smooch of apricot all on a base of sheer skin musk. And because you’re serious about snuggling we’ve included a boost of our CUDDLE BUNNY pheromone blend. for inspiring cuddling - and what that inevitably leads to...! Feminizing, crafted to inspire chivalrous and cuddly, nurturing feelings in men, but sexually attractive too.

Sparkle & Shine w/ Cougar : When you’re feeling particularly vivacious, you seem to glimmer, glitter and glow...and to be the absolute life of the party, you need to sparkle and shine. For those occasions when you want to be the brightest one in the room, the one who is dazzling in everyone’s sight, we’ve got the source of your illumination right here! Ingredients which engender desire, affection and good fortune combine to create a beautiful pear tea fragrance, featuring numerous varieties of juicy pear and white and herbal teas with accents of sweet herbs and ripe apricot. We’ve boosted this baby with our STONE COUGAR pheromone blend, which lends a vigorous *sparkle* to the wearer that gives off an aura of ageless youthful fertility. This pheromone blend is known to sexually stimulate the wearer as well. And each bottle contains cosmetic-grade iridescent glitter for further razzle dazzle!

Tea & Flowers w/ Mega Watt : Lux fiat! Clear out the cobwebs and let the sunshine in! A great method for accessing flashes of genius can often be as easy as enjoying the invigorating and lovely scents of those simple pleasures which always grant happiness...beautifully uplifting and inspirational, we’ve gathered various types of refreshing white tea delicately infused with honey and lemon, mingling with a lush bouquet of honeysuckle, mimosa and hibiscus - all flowers which promote mindful attributes. We’ve enhanced the creative power of this light and bright fragrance with our MEGA WATT blend, an experimental pheromone formula for lending energy to the wearer. Users find this blend helpful with focus and determination, assisting in the completion of tasks.

TeeKayOh w/ Charisma for Men: There are various paths to success, and many of them require that the victor embody a certain respectable, attractive and approachable aura, a man who exudes all the qualities we want to know better, the man everyone wants to be around. So we’re here to help with a can’t-miss combination to make you a total knock-out in any situation, business or pleasure...this scent combines the clean and brisk qualities of the barbershop - juniper, lavender, labdanum, patchouli and leather - smoothed with non-foody vanilla and topped with an attention-getting upbeat dash of bergamot. This is the perfect delivery system for our CHARISMA pheromone formula. CHARISMA contains a perfect balance of Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone - the exact natural biological ratio, just greatly amplified. CHARISMA provides the necessary components to promote popularity, sexual attraction, social dominance, and bankable allure...a superior man, worthy of success in every venture, public or private.

Themyscira w/ Girl Girl : This celebration of Girl Power is named in honor of the land wherein the Amazons dwell, a place no man has ever set foot and women flourish in harmony far from the stress and strife of male-dominated realms. Wise, loving, and protectively fierce, the Amazonian way of life was a closely-guarded secret, especially that of the great physical strength and immortality granted to their tribe by the Greek goddesses. Visit their enchanted realm with this evocative elixir of rich vanilla and coconut cream made just the slightest bit boyish with earthy patchouli, kissed with the delights of spring and orange blossom honeys, deepened with the mystery of exotic black orchid and a touch of licorice root. The perfect perfume for our GIRL GIRL pheromone blend - designed as a same-sex attractant for females. In the language of pheros, this blend covers: sexual attraction, happiness, cuddling, female to female bonding, and social dominance. It works great for female to female interactions of ALL kinds.

Undercover Lover w/ EoW Copulins: Ladies, we know you love copulins for all they provide - youthful glow, feminine allure and sex appeal, selfies and hits galore from guys - but we also know finding a fragrance to cover copulins is quite a challenge. It’s our mission at LPMP to provide you with the easiest method in which to utilize the many benefits of this essential sensual accessory, thus we created a perfect cops cover, a perfume which takes its’ cue from the natural odor of copulins. Make him ravenous with a luscious creamy almond cheesecake covered in juicy ripe blackberries, good and good for you (when getting lucky), to which we’ve added an OCCO-strength load of Essence of Woman Copulins. Get him under your covers with this tempting treat...and the one on the dessert menu is YOU!

Vampire Bait Ltd Ed w/ Gotcha + Aja : Mmmm, want to smell like his own personal brand of delicious? Indulge yourself with a perfectly intoxicating fragrance which will draw the one you desire to you, as if you cast a spell and his devotion is yours alone. Become the most alluring lure of all with this sweet, mouthwateringly sexy yet innocent scent featuring dewy flowers of love magic - orchid, peony, daisy, water lily and orange blossom - blended with fresh notes of lemongrass and bamboo with just a kiss of tangy currant, then sweetened with sugar, honeycomb and plant-sourced honey (AJA) and layered upon a satiny skin base of sandalwood and white musk. Simply to die for! We’ve enhanced this Limited Edition variant with our honey-sweet natural copulin analog AJA and GOTCHA! pheromone blend - a sensual sexual attractant, but more importantly with a little something extra… something to help erode his fears, something to help him let go of his inhibitions and express the intensity of his emotions, something to help nudge him off that cliff of indecision and into your arms.

Winter in the Tropics w/ La Femme Mystere: Even Paradise can get a bit chilly sometimes...enjoy this luxurious evocation of a winter’s night on a tropical isle, as darkness falls and the flowery air turns brisk...a lovely lei of gardenia, pikaki and plumeria accented with notes of ginger grass EO and a dried grasses accord upon a base of delicate amber. Something so elegant and alluring deserves a boost of our LA FEMME MYSTERE pheromone blend. Both social and sexual, this blend of seven carefully balanced ingredients evokes the "seven veils" of feminine mystery... sultry and casts a spell, greatly enhancing your sex appeal.


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