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Alaric w/ Wanted Man: A tribute to the bold sensual powerhouse fragrances of the 1980s - but with a modern twist - this scent features a green fougere accord (with notes of bergamot, juniper, labdanum, patchouli, nutmeg and leather) blended with fresh fern and sweet pea, smoothed with oakmoss and topped with a bright tangy dash of rhubarb. Just the thing to assist you in commanding whatever situation you desire, but we’ve added the secret weapon of our exclusive WANTED MAN pheromone blend...crafted for the outlaw - the lone wolf on the prowl, the bad boy. Highly 'alpha' and intensely, thrillingly attractive to women; but be warned: the strong alpha messages this pheromone blend emotes may provoke aggression in other alpha males.

Aliya w/ Audacious: A perfectly elegant spin on a classic peaches-and-cream concoction, featuring a super tangy heart of sour peach slathered with luscious vanilla cream, plus a light drizzle of orange blossom honey and a sprinkle of sparkling pink sugar, swaddled in gauzy white musk. Because we know you’re peachy-keen on being the *It Girl* in any gathering, we’ve enhanced this fragrance with our exclusive AUDACIOUS pheromone blend...a Alpha-Sexual-Social mix for women that encourages boldness and perhaps a walk on the wild side! Promotes confidence, friendliness, femininity, mood elevation and sexuality.

Balm Bomb - Phero Enhanced Perfume: The scented version of our comforting classic features ingredients which have been used in aromatherapy for centuries to aid in lessening anxiety and quieting frazzled nerves, to help you relax and rest. This pillowy powdery-soft scent features a blend of lavender attar, black amber and dry vanilla blended with sheer white musk and a gentle dusting of oakmoss. It works wonders when applied as a pillow scent or slathered just before bedtime. And it is the perfect carrier for our exclusive BALM BOMB pheromone formula. Feeling crabby? Feeling blue? Need a quick mood reversal? This one's for you! Pheros for calming and soothing, lessening of grouchy PMS symptoms, mood elevation, and for making people act a little nicer around the wearer...strictly for their own good. ;) Crafted for the Ladies, but Gents may enjoy wearing this one too.

Bosom Bows with Girl/Girl: A charming archaic term for best friends of the female type! Our highly-popular feminine social mix has made a triumphant return. A heady scent with an androgynous air but also a tantalizing hint of feminine sensuality which invites the sharing of confidences and the warmth of friendship, get acquainted with our blend of smooth sandalwood and amber, spicy accents of neroli and cinnamon, plus hand-tinctured bee pollen within a base of warm vanilla oak. Now enhanced with our exclusive Girl/Girl pheromone formula. This pheromone blend was designed as a same-sex attractant for females. (The world's FIRST in fact!) In the language of pheros, this mix imparts: sexual attraction, happiness, cuddling, female bonding, and social dominance. It works great for female-to-female interactions of ALL kinds. (PS: Hey guys - this is also a great scent for you when you find yourself in a situation where you are outnumbered by the ladies.)

Corwin w/Open Windows: If you love our famous Love Potion #9 fragrance - whether male or female - you’ll definitely want to get to know Corwin!  A citrus musk on the masculine side, we’ve combined sexy Egyptian Musk with bright bergamot and a blend of citrus EOs, Bay Rum and a fresh aquatic accord, the warmth of myrrh and cardamom EOs plus a piquant dash of Asian spice, topped with a soft whisper of powdered sugar. This scent is ideal for social gatherings and the best of friends for our exclusive OPEN WINDOWS pheromone blend for men and women...a pheromone blend for people who want to lift themselves and others around them, too. An all-round social blend which is a winner in helping achieve that 'feel-good, look good' magnetic factor that attractive people exude naturally, making people want to talk to and get close to the wearer at every opportunity. Crafted for the Gents, but Ladies may enjoy wearing this one too.

Dominance - Phero Enhanced Perfume: A richly romantic carrier for our notoriously vixenish blend, this dark chocolate rose fragrance is constructed like a traditional potion: you’ll need to shake it up to release the magic! Sweetly sensual amber EO and a touch of Indian red musk swirled within layers of bittersweet and milk chocolate accords, then poured over deep exotic red rose attar and baby pink rose petals. What better scent for our exclusive DOMINANCE POTION pheromone formula, a sexual attraction potion with a clearly alpha-dominant signature. Let 'em know who's boss! This blend can be helpful in the boardroom as well as the bedroom.

Dylan w/ Perfect Match & Hedione: The scent of a sun-baked pier on a summer night at the beach, heavy with humidity and darkly sexy. This unisex fragrance features a blend of weighty black coconut and black vanilla oils, with a seawater-and-driftwood accord, layered with sweet white musk and the airy shimmer of Hedione. Great for parties and gatherings large and small, we’ve enhanced it with our exclusive PERFECT MATCH pheromone formula...a *soulmate* type blend that both sexes can wear. Promotes attraction, bonding, trust, communication, conquering of nervousness and happy, good-time mood elevation. Reminds established couples of that first blush of new love, complete with butterflies in the tummy! Crafted for the Gents, but Ladies may enjoy wearing this one too.

Edmund w/ Swimming with Sharks: For an office-friendly fragrance, you can’t get much more successful than Edmund, he’s wearing the green...clean green, that is! Varieties of leafy greens and watery succulents form the heart of this scent, bestowing a thoroughly fresh evocation, with a hint of green musk and a brisk topnote of lemon. To lend you a valuable competitive edge we’ve provided a dose of our exclusive SWIMMING WITH SHARKS pheromone formula - a "corporate" blend for both sexes. Designed to level the playing field, lends an air of respect, appeases and calms people who may bristle against those in authority, helps people to really listen to what you have to say. Crafted for the gents, but women may enjoy wearing this one too!

Leilani w/ Lumina: The most beautiful bloom in all the tropics is lovely Leilani...immerse yourself in our breezy tropical floral fantasy: a fragrance constructed with mid-notes of thick luscious coconut cream, lush magnolia blossoms and watery-fresh papaya.  For a spectacularly sunny disposition we’ve enhanced this scent with our exclusive LUMINA pheromone blend...for accentuating that precious 'glow' of femininity ~ attractiveness, sparkle, happiness, youthful appeal and confidence. Sensual, certainly, but not overtly sexual (just a drop of copulins); safe to wear day or night, anytime or anywhere you want to ILLUMINATE the room!

Leopold w/ Charisma: This is an insensual fragrance for the guys...the scent of ancient power and ageless command. An aura of dark incense is evoked with Arabian attars, lightened with a touch of the purifying white smoke of frankincense and myrrh, layered on a base of clean aquatic blue musk. To give you further enthralling gravitas for any encounter, we’ve enhanced this scent with our exclusive CHARISMA pheromone formula, which contains a perfect balance of Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone - the exact natural biological ratio, just greatly amplified. CHARISMA provides the necessary components to promote popularity, sexual attraction, social dominance, and bankable allure...a superior man, worthy of success in every venture, public or private.

NOX w/ Teddy BB: A heart of juicy blackberry is framed by two types of aged amber resin as well as vintage Indian and Tunisian Patchouli, with tangy accents of black raspberry and a red berry accord, plus a dash of soft powdery frankincense and myrrh. We enhanced this dusky beauty with our exclusive TEDDY POTION BB pheromone formula, which encourages rapt attention and camaraderie between men, and a comforting, placating and protective feeling in women. A fab unisex blend! Crafted for the Ladies, but Gents may enjoy wearing this one too.

Phero Charged Money Potion w/ Swimming with Sharks: Based upon the popular "Nine Fruits" Witchcraft and Voodoo spell, the object of this magical potion is to attract equal proportions of money and happiness in your life.Thus, the ingredients are not only for attracting wealth, but also for self confidence, mood elevation, love attraction, sexual allure, and motivation. This fruit salad-type blend bestows a positive attitude to the wearer, and that is half the battle in terms of achieving success of all kinds. A luscious heart of two types of juicy pear, with notes of peach, pineapple, pomegranate, red berries, and dark sweet fig plus a dash of banana, a squeeze of tangy grapefruit, and a waft of lovely orange blossom blended with sheer vanilla and a touch of vetiver grass for added abundance. For that extra push towards prosperity, the “phero-charged” refers to our exclusive SWIMMING WITH SHARKS pheromone formula, designed to level the playing field, it lends an air of respect, appeases and calms people who may bristle against those in authority, helps people to really listen to what you have to say.

Pheromas 2015 - Trials & Sets: Please click here to purchase Pheromas 2015 New Release Sets, and trial sizes of our UNscented Pheromones.

Rosalynd w/ Open Windows: Our beloved local customers clamor for uplifting citrusy fragrances to combat the rainy weather of the Portland environs. Always happy to oblige, we’ve created the scent of a beautifully bright sunny day. The heart of this perfume is lemongrass and tea rose, perfectly sweet and tangy, with accents of airy black tea and a base of sheer white musk. We’ve paired it with our most accessible unisex pheromone blend, OPEN WINDOWS, a blend for people who want to lift themselves at their down times, and to lift others around them, too. An all-round social blend which is a winner in helping achieve that 'feel-good, look good' magnetic factor that attractive people exude naturally, making people want to talk to and get close to the wearer at every opportunity.

Saisha w/ BANG!: All your wishes will be granted with just a whiff of our incredibly sexy pink-and-orange honey blend! A gooey honey heart of wildflower and orange blossom varieties plus densely luscious honeycomb, with a fairy floss swirl of two types of glittery sweet pink sugar, slathered on a voluptuous base of animalic and exotic dark musks blended with the warm polish of boxwood and spruce. This much fabulous firepower deserves a shot of our exclusive pheromone formula BANG!, a remix of our fabulous SUPER SEXY FOR WOMEN blend, given a slutty sleazy spin with the addition of Essence of Woman Copulins and an extra dose of the feminine magic of Estratestraenol. BANG!...for when you know you need to hit it, and hit it hard.

Sensual Harmony w/ La Femme Mystere: When two souls are entirely in sync it is one of the most satisfying feelings ever, and to assist with rendering this state of bliss for you and your partner – in a very sexy way – we've created a beautifully sensuous olfactory interpretation of loving accord. Various types of lush ylang-ylang essential oils are blended with dry vanilla and golden sandalwood, each ingredient promoting the characteristics of arousal coupled with aspects of deeper affinity. This potion is particularly useful in regards to calming martial feel the love tonight...and all which follows from passionate euphony!  Now enhanced with our exclusive LA FEMME MYSTERE pheromone formula, a blend which possesses a deeply feminine and voluptuously seductive air, inspiring positive feelings, deep emotions, meaningful connections, and leaves a lasting, memorable, enchanting impression. Both social and sexual, this blend of seven carefully balanced ingredients evokes the "seven veils" of feminine mystery... sultry and casts a spell, greatly enhancing your sex appeal.

Xavier w/ Super Sexy for Men: Fans of our perennially-popular Pashazade scent will thrill to experience the lavishly exotic fragrance of Xavier...spicy, smoky but also bracingly clean, reminiscent of a Turkish-style luxury shaving soap. This blend of Darjeeling tea leaf oil from India and Tassi Lavender oil upon a base of smooth Indonesian teak will render you positively irresistible! And to ensure you will light up the room we’ve included a dose of our exclusive SUPER SEXY FOR MEN pheromone formula, designed to inspire sexual arousal and admiration in women, and give off a powerful aura of social dominance for the wearer. Our most popular phero blend for men!


Autumn Rain: A unisex beauty of a nature scent that conjures a rainy day in the woods, misty and damp, darkening in the hollows with the distant rumble of thunder and quick flashes of lightning overhead. Dry leaves and wet woods form the heart of our forest, with dewy notes of fern and fresh cut stems, and autumnal accents of apple and hay blended with the ambiance of earth and smoky frankincense.

Bewitching Hour w/ EoW Copulins: In tribute to the legendary apple spells that were in times past enacted at midnight on Samhain in order to foretell one's true love, we’ve created a richly exotic and mysterious blend...enticing resinous notes of patchouli, dragon’s blood, majmua, amber, storax, benzoin and kush resin blended with the crisp sweet clarity of a freshly-cut red apple.  And to further your quest for affection, we’ve included a dose of Essence of Woman Pure Copulins.

Blue Smoke: An Autumnal enticement of lightly-spiced woods, a hint of smoke and the depth of  insensual Indian black musk, stained by the juice of fall’s final blueberries. Brewed for witches, but wizards might enjoy this one too.

Candy House: Our delicious pumpkin candy scent is eerily edible (but seriously, please do not eat it)! A blend of six types of pumpkin oils - a balance of the fresh-cut and the spiced - sweetened with a mixture of pink, brown and caramelized sugar notes, a dollop of creamy vanilla and a base of sweet amber. This one is ALL treat!

Flying Potion 2015 - Phero Enhanced Spray : Our insanely popular pheromone-enhanced fragrance spray is making its yearly sure to grab a bottle before it (literally) flies off the shelves yet again! All the hip witches love this crafty classic! We've blended gorgeous creamy ylang ylang EO, sweet black licorice, marshmallow and vanilla pods, tangy grapefruit and cassis topped with a pinch of cider spices and Poof! the master bottle was bubbling with magickal energy! Sweet and bright and ready for flight. But to ensure your lift-off we've included a high octane dose of our exclusive LEVITATION POTION pheromone blend: featuring the happy magic of our mood-elevating OPEN WINDOWS formula and an extra splash of giddy DHEAS.

Hauntings: A gorgeous ethereal scent... elegant sandalwood and myrrh languorous on a bed of sweet musk, sprinkled with powdered sugar and haunted by a ghost of pumpkin spice traveling within a puff of smoke.

Haystack: So-named for the confectionary delight, chocolate-coconut haystacks! Mounds of sweet shredded coconut drizzled with creamy chocolate, rich brown sugar and caramel on a base of sweet amber. A frightfully delightful treat, but there’s no hay in it...did we trick ya?!

Infusion: Did you know, when you slather yourself in the scent of raspberry and exotic musks, you become extra tasty to vampires? It's a fact. Just, to die for, delicious! So give that special bloodsucker in your life something to sink his or her teeth into....a redder-than-red blend of black raspberry, black currant and pomegranate, with a base of silky white and smoky red musks.

Supernatural w/ Aja: A blend of delicate herbal and white tea notes form the latticework for this delectable honeyed lemon brew... organic bee pollen and several types of flower honey (cactus, wildflower and orange blossom), plus our honey-sweet natural copulin analog AJA, and a generous squeeze of the ol' fresh tart - the exhilarant lemon – an attractor of spirits; the scent a gateway into their realm. Stimulating and tantalizing for those of both spirit and flesh!

Titian Sweet: A delectable bevy of citrus EOs - tangerine, clementine and mandarin - drowned in a sticky-sweet Halloweenie swamp of melted caramel and maple.


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