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Chakras: Each year the wheel turns once more and we begin the quest anew for a better life, for bringing our own unique talents and energies into harmony within and without. To assist you in the fulfillment of a positive New Year we offer this set of Chakra Oils, each one crafted with ingredients that vibrate with the frequency of the seven energy nodes of the body. Imbalances or blockages of the Chakras are thought to cause physical and emotional ills, while balanced Chakras are thought to allow the free flow of energy throughout the body. Wearing colors and scents of the proper vibrational hue are believed to open and balance and create a state where health and harmony thrive.

Chakras: Seven Stone Set: To enhance and compliment your experience with our Chakra Oils, we present this beautiful collection of seven tumbled Chakra Stones packaged in a veggie leather carrying pouch, with postcard too. Includes one each of the following: Crystal, Amethyst, Sodalite, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, and Garnet.

Elementals: The ancient Greeks, among other cultures, believed that all life on Earth could be classified according to four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - and that these elements have specific attributes and energies, this theory providing the impetus for metaphysical philosophy as well as burgeoning science. In the modern day, we can embody the symbolism of these classical elements to enhance and aid our own quests for balance and personal evolution. We offer you this set of fragrance tools to align yourself with the fundamental aspects of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, layerable oils which allow you to utilize the power of multiple aspects and create your own signature aura!

Garland & Lace v6: Have yourself a very yummy Christmas... The holidays are the time to enjoy all manner of start with you! This fragrance is one endless gourmand delight of creamy eggnog, spicy gingerbread, and mouthwatering pumpkin pie, sure to tempt the one you want to give you a nibble…or three. And to ensure the nibbling leads to other, more erotic pursuits we've added our exclusive pheromone mix LACE: a blend of euphoric Alpha-Androstenol and gentle feminine Estratetraenol. The scents no man can resist and the lure of pheromones? You'll be under the mistletoe before you can say Happy Holidays!


Love Potion®: Pumpkin w/ Aja: A spooky-sweet Halloween pumpkin, swirled within our lusciously famous Love Potion base of vanilla, amber and patchouli with a dash of juicy apricot, we’ve included the Autumnal delights of creamy pumpkin drizzled with gooey golden honey and caramel. Completed and empowered on the Autumnal Equinox to grant you abundance - as our signature scents always do - in LOVE!

Black Fyre: A very potent (and powerful) unisex scent to put the sizzle in those frosty Fall evenings! Find the source of your strength with the piquant delights of black pepper, Asian and pumpkin spices, earthy woods and leaves, and a puff of smoky gunpowder.

Bloodroot: An Autumnal enticement of lightly-spiced woods, a hint of smoke and the depth of insensual Indian black musk, with the blood-red evocations of black currant and Dragon’s Blood. Brewed for witches, but wizards will enjoy this one too. If you liked last year's hit, Blue Smoke, try this one too!

Desperation & Djinn: Love can drive us all to drink sometimes, but we say grab the djinn, not the gin! Love-drawing juniper and dusty rose, deepened with meditative sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh, a breath of soothing sage and just a drop of bourbon to appease the fickle Gods of affection.

Flying Potion 2016 - Phero Enhanced Spray : Our insanely popular pheromone-enhanced fragrance spray is making its yearly sure to grab a bottle before it (literally) flies off the shelves yet again! All the hip witches love this crafty classic! We've blended gorgeous creamy ylang ylang EO, sweet black licorice, marshmallow and vanilla pods, tangy grapefruit and cassis topped with a pinch of cider spices and Poof! the master bottle was bubbling with magickal energy! Sweet and bright and ready for flight. But to ensure your lift-off we've included a high octane dose of our exclusive LEVITATION POTION pheromone blend: featuring the happy magic of our mood-elevating OPEN WINDOWS formula and an extra splash of giddy DHEAS.

Gargoyle Gargle: Sleep like a rock...all the gargoyles are doing it! What we won’t do for some true rest, utter stillness in repose...if you could simply turn to stone, then all your cares will have how about some stone cold aromatherapy? Fresh and relaxing, this is a potion for a long Winter’s nap: calming English lavender and healing eucalyptus EO with soothing sweet touches of ylang-ylang EO, coconut, vanilla and myrrh, plus a breath of wintery pine and mistletoe and the gargoyle’s aura of chilly stone and cement accords.

Goblin Tamer w/ Mother's Little Helper: Overrun by hoards of mischievous noisy creatures? We love ‘em, but sometimes you just want some peace! So appease your darling little monsters by dabbing a bit of our homey and deliciously spicy gourmand fragrance. A blend of two toothsome Autumnal treats - warm apple pie and oatmeal cookies fresh from the oven - layered with a base of smoky Arabian woods. To ensure your word is law we’ve included a supercharged variant of our exclusive MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER pheromone formula, a blend for women to help create a household of peace and calm, pleasant interactions, warmth, coziness, friendliness and helpfulness...while secretly exerting a little authority too.

Howl w/ Teddy BB: ...for that time of the month. You know, when you might want to howl at the moon and commit other acts of werewolf-like mayhem. Don’t bite someone’s head off - slather this instead! A dark-as-the-night blend of juicy black raspberry, rich dark chocolate and vanilla with a base of amber EO and a fortifying slug of bourbon. To provide a proven calming effect while in the midst of your cycle, we’ve loaded this one with the magic bullet of our exclusive TEDDY POTION BB pheromone blend, which encourages a comforting, placating and protective feeling in women; female users also report an easing of PMS grouchiness when exposed to this blend.

Indiscretion w/ TMI & Cops: Feeling a bit daring? In the mood to throw caution to the wind? Create some instant intimacy with our smoked vanilla musk blend: soft vanilla entwined with Indian red musk and black amber, a drift of woodsmoke accord, delicious accents of pumpkin and marshmallow and a wee tot of rum. To encourage the sharing of confidences we’ve infiltrated this fragrance with just a hint of copulins (three drops per bottle) and our exclusive TMI pheromone formula. You might be surprised at how willing a relative stranger is to cuddle up with you, but that's the Alpha-Androstenol putting them in their happy zone while the heavy dose of Beta-Androstenol loosens their tongue and encourages them to share their most intimate secrets with you... you just may learn things about them that they've never revealed to anyone. There really is such a thing as Too Much Information, so be careful what you wish for! This potion may be worn by both women & men.

Just Desserts: Have you been a good witch or a bad witch? If you do indeed deserve a reward, an indulgence, then we’ve created one perfect for the season...but take care lest you’re the one being nibbled! Sticky swirls of luscious butterscotch and creme brulee smooched with warm almond in a base of luxurious amber and just a touch of woody cedar.

Liquid Shadow: Cloak yourself in our unisex scented shadow, a slinky shade which moves about in the night, becoming one with the darkness and all its’ delights...a fragrance reminiscent of the most deeply exquisite coffee incense: potently brewed black coffee and espresso blended with black vanilla and dark chocolate, mingling with the exotic fumes of nag champa and kush resin, deepened with lavish patchouli and oud.

Universal Antidote: No matter what ails ye, we've got the cure, in the form of this mood elevating delicious smelling treat! We present this bit of olfactory magic sure to satisfy! Pancake batter-like warm vanilla, blended with hot milk accord, syrupy sweet black fig and sprinkles of maple sugar...see? All better now!

Zombie Repellent w/ Lace & Hedione: In the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse, a girl can’t stand out in a crowd...especially if that crowd wants her BRAAAAAIIIINS! Blend right in among those drooling shuffling creeps with our airy-fresh fragrance reminiscent of a cool Autumn morning. A soft misty musky floral mix of sacred datura, sweet pea, Sicilian mandarin EO, fennel seed, teak and black walnut with refreshing accents of cucumber, bamboo and mint. And of course no airheaded concoction would be complete without our exclusive LACE pheromone formula, containing a "woozy" amount of Alpha-Androstenol (mood elevator, attraction amplifier) plus the precious ultra-feminizing pheromone Estratetraenol. Effects are reported as making the wearer feel extra girly and even a bit ditsy, as well as an additional airy jasmine note of Hedione, a fragrance ingredient purported to produce an attractant pheromone-like response in others when added to perfume.


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